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     Vincent Christiano
Thursday, September 8, 2016
I just moved up here and can't wait to check out some of or all of those places. Thank you

     mark laing
Tuesday, August 2, 2016
can't wait to get up there.F

Sunday, July 24, 2016
Thank You,,Excellent info

Monday, March 7, 2016
Plan to move to western NC in near future. Just gathering information right now. I've fished extensively throughout the Northeast, never got down to NC.

Monday, January 11, 2016
Looking forward to trying out some winter troutfishing and again in April.  Nothing beats a tight line with a trout on the other end.   ><>
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     John Sturges
Friday, December 18, 2015
Just found this site. So I have to check the Trail out on our way home from Fla.
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     Christopher Angel
Friday, September 25, 2015
I'm planning a flyfishing trip in fall or next late spring. Awesome website , because I'm not from the area .I need good clues for my adventures !

Saturday, September 19, 2015
Really nice site. Just came back home from a trip to Yellowstone fly fishing and found your site. The wife and I are tent campers so I'll do my research on places to camp.  Started planning already for a trip up this fall. 

Anyone with suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


     Jace Lamoureux
Wednesday, June 24, 2015
I live in Wyoming and fish the N. Platte and Encampment rivers but theres something about the small streams of WNC that keep me coming back. I love the Appalachian Mountains.9FD1

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
And here I thought I'd go to Montana.....Looks like a trip down the trail might be my next vacation.  Great site.
     Rick H
Saturday, June 7, 2014
I saw a program on TV about the Fly Fishing Trail and I was committed to give it a try. I've fly fished in WNC before as a novice so the trail has sparked my interest in some additional locations. Thanks for the providing the information.
     ben morgan
Tuesday, February 18, 2014
I cant wait to fish the trail.  I have been fly fishing for about two yr and I am so happy that I have found this site.  I am from marion nc an have fished all the wild trout water.  Can anyone tell me what size they are catching in the wild water on the trail? 

     Frank Bush
Thursday, February 13, 2014
Very excited about this site. I am an avid fly fisherman and have fished soem of thse places but look forward to trying soem of the others. I have a friend who just built a home in Chashiers and will be spending more time in the area

     Dwight Price
Saturday, December 28, 2013
I just came by this site and I looking for the dates of the 2014 festival. I will be out next week finding all 15 spots 

     Dennis Sugimoto
Friday, November 1, 2013
Wife and I fished Raven Fork on 10/28 with Roger from Brookings Anglers in Cashiers. Fantastic experience with lots of trophy size trout. 10/29 floated The Tuck with Boone from Brookings. Smaller fish, but, lots of 'em. Can't wait to go back. 

     Paul Dorenkemper
Monday, March 25, 2013
I've been fishing the GSM for many years. WNC seems to be the best. I'll see y'all on Deep Creek April 1st. No fooling!
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     Dwight Anstaett
Thursday, March 7, 2013
Great site.   If you hire a guide, I recommend Alex Bell of AB guide service.  I have fished with hime several times on the Tuck and Little Tennessee. A real pro.... Dwight Anstaett Columbus,OH

     Charles Farina
Sunday, February 17, 2013
Fished most of the trail for the first time last spring. We had a great time. Fished from FL up to NH. Would recommend this.

     Mike Arnold
Wednesday, January 16, 2013
Really looking forward to re-visiting several of these waters plus many other delayed harvest waters during the FFF Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival in May. Haven't been down for a while (shame on me).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Cant hardly wait!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Great info! Thanks

Thursday, August 23, 2012
 Love this trail. I drove out from Charlotte and fly fished for the first time ever on the Tuckasegee. Now I'm hooked on it and have been trying different spots on the trail. Thanks so much for making these streams available to those that aren't familiar with the area, it has really turned me on to the sport and Western NC in general!
Friday, July 13, 2012
Thanks for my map of Jackson County. See y'all in a few weeks!!! Thanks Again, Andrew 
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     Mavin Michie
Thursday, June 21, 2012
I am retired and looking for some good trout streams. Will probably see you on the water. Best of luck to all.
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     Joe Wessel
Thursday, April 5, 2012
Ace, Ricky, and myself will be visiting the local area next month.  We love to tear it up on the local rivers catching bunches of trout!  Look for us and give us a wave.  We'll be seeing you on the water.
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     Mack bargain nicer
Monday, March 26, 2012
 Great site, retiring at the end of this month and looking for new places for trout.
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     Greg Gentry
Sunday, February 26, 2012
My friend Tim discovered the WNCFFT and told me I had to check out the website. Over the years Tim and I have fished mile upon mile of western North Carolina trout streams.We are looking forward to trying some of the streams.

     Peter Spirito
Friday, February 10, 2012
Awesome web site.  It ties together all of the great fishing areas in WNC

     Maine Guide Outfitter
Thursday, February 9, 2012
 One of the best websites I've looked at today.

     Mark Loper
Sunday, January 8, 2012
Really neat website. Very informative.

     Terry Tincher
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Setting here right now tying fly's, talking to my wife about where I'll fish first!!! 

All the Best

     George O'Steen
Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Thanks for all the info. Will be moving to Sylva December 23 and cant wait to learn how to Fly Fish:)

     J.R. Brandenburg
Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Great site ... headed south over the Xmas holiday and look forward to tying on some midges.

Happy Holidays

     Bill Brown
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Glad I found this site. Looking forward to visiting in early spring.

     Kevin McGill
Tuesday, September 6, 2011
This is a great website, makes me want to visit and see what N. C. has to offer. Eastern Fly Fishing article was great also.

     RC Fullerton
Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Wow, I have my new goal for fishing! I am excited about hitting all of these spots and reporting back ... Thank you so much ...
     Ed Kilmon
Sunday, July 10, 2011
Great Site! Read an article about the Fly Fishing Trail in July/August 2011 issue of Eastern Fly Fishing magazine.
After viewing your site, I have made plans and reservations for a fishing trip to Jackson County in the near future.

     Dan Johnson
Friday, June 24, 2011
Great site! I have fished a few spots listed, but really excited to get some info on some other great rivers to fish!

     J Carter
Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Nice site! Made the map request and hope to get there in the near future.

     David Christiansen
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Great site you have here! While I live in WA, my mom lives in Hendersonville, so i will make a point to fish part of the trail when i am out next in May. Thanks for offering this!

     James Hanley
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Great site! Saw your advertisement in Fly Fisherman and it just increased the cabin fever. Looking to plan a fishing trip and purchase land in Western NC this spring so the Fly Fishing Trail should be an excellent start.

Friday, January 21, 2011
looking forward to fishing the TRAIL

Friday, January 21, 2011
We liked this site so much that we plan on making a trip there. For  vacation and fishing.  Keep up the great work for making a great website.

     Cat Eye Outfitter
Monday, January 3, 2011
Nice little site. I had a good visit

     Dennis Fritts
Friday, October 15, 2010
I just found out about the trail in Smoky Mountain Living magazine. I am a avid fly fisherman and would love to hit the trail soon.

     W R Noakes
Sunday, October 10, 2010
Some timely information as I am going to fish the Chattooga and its East fork in South Carolina.

     Mark K. Brown
Thursday, September 30, 2010
Looking forward to visiting my daugher (moving to Western North Carolina) and doing some fly fishing.

     John Grover
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Just found out about your site via "Eastern Fly Fishing" magazine.  I have been in your area many times either basing in Brevard or Sylva and am looking forward to receiving your map, etc.

     Travis Aspy
Monday, September 13, 2010
Thank you for this great resource, I plan to spend as much time as possible on this trail.

     John "Lapo" Lapotasky
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Hope to be out your way in a couple of weeks,this will be my first trout trip since moving to New Bern, NC in eight years.Originally from trout waters in New Jersey and New York.

     michael k. hickman
Friday, September 3, 2010
Just found out about the WNC Fly Fishing Trail web site. Can't wait to try it out.
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
How timely! I am buying a recreation property in Franklin and this site is perfect for my initial exporation of the area's fly fishing options.  Thanks!

     Allen Mumper
Sunday, August 29, 2010
A great idea. Will look forward to trying each water over time with my fishing buddy. I hear the riffles sliding over the stones right now!

     Pfc. Brendan Buchan
Thursday, August 5, 2010
WOW I am really excited about this. What a great site and great thing to do. I just got stationed at Ft. Bragg and was hoping to find some good fly fishing and BAMM! I find this site all these greats rivers and streams straight up 95. Thank you so much.

     Mike Paciello
Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Wow!  What a great site!  What a great concept!  I live in Florida and have been trout fishing my way through all of the mountain counties of North Carolina over the last several years. Two trips per year, two counties per year. Reaserching each county as I go for fishing information is not alway easy.  Until now!  There's more information on this site on fishing Jackson County than a lot of other counties combined. My next planned trip is first week of October to Jackson County, so I started reaserching this county when I stumbled across this site. Glad I did! My next several trips may just be all in Jackson County while other counties may just have to wait. Thanks for a great site with lots of good info. Hope other counties follow suit with a trail of their own.  Hmmm, a trout fishing trail...what a concept!

Friday, July 9, 2010
Was in the area over the 4th weekend with wife and son.  Did not bring fishing gear just good to get away from the large city like and relax.  My son and self are going to do some fishing on the trail in the near future.

     Travis Johnson
Wednesday, May 19, 2010
We visited the Trail, fishing Savannah Creek from Friday 14 May to Monday 17 May.  The high note was when my son landed a nice brown trout on his new rod.  My grandson caught his first fish in Jackson County.  It is a beautiful setting.  A side note, all of us caught juvenile rainbow trout in the three to four inch range in pocket water.  I don't think those were stocked fish.

     Tomoka Todd
Monday, May 17, 2010
I have planned an entire trip to the Balsam area of NC around this site.  Thank you for the detailed information.  I'll let you know how it goes and hope to post some photos following the trip.

     Bobby Phillips
Friday, May 14, 2010
Great idea and great site! I have been fishing Transylvania and Haywood Counties for years but will soon make a trip to Jackson County.

     Caron Marble
Friday, May 14, 2010
Thank you for the site.

     Kenneth Harding
Monday, May 3, 2010
Nice site. I like the info you can obtain from this site.

     Darrell Long
Sunday, April 11, 2010
This is a wonderful site .

     flyfish sober 69
Sunday, April 4, 2010
What a great site & beautiful fish. Keep up the good work

     Scott Gibby
Friday, March 19, 2010
Just started fly fishing this year. I usually bubble fish but wanted something more challenging. Learning more everyday 'bout fly fishing ... been fishing the upper Nantahala but glad to see the Fly Fishing Trail. I sure will try it.

Monday, March 15, 2010
Nice site! Having lived here my entire life, its nice to finally see us on the map. As the popularity and reputation of the area continues to grow by the year, Its up to us all to see that it is maintained to the highest standards. Communication between enthusiasts, as this site promotes, is imperative to the success of our fisheries.

     Chester Johns
Thursday, February 18, 2010
Lived in Asheville & LOVED the Tuck.  Would fish before and after my Masters degree classes.  Great site! 

     Chef Cindy
Sunday, February 7, 2010
Just found your website and am very glad I did!

     Mark Daniels
Friday, January 22, 2010
Thanks for sharing. I've been fly fishing WNC for over 20 years. I'll try to find some pix to share.

     John Patton
Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Great information and terrific map. I'll be making the drive up from Atlanta many times in 2010 to test the waters -- Thanks!

     Nick Plenzick
Monday, December 7, 2009
Great website, I hoping to fish the trail in May of 2010

Thursday, September 10, 2009
Fished the tuck at river rd suprised number of fish still holding in the riffles!!!!!!!!!! tight lines to ya'll

     reve parker
Sunday, August 23, 2009
thankyou for all your hard work and i,m looking forward fishing the trail

     Gary Rubin
Monday, July 20, 2009
A great site. It sheds some light on the great things your county has to offer. I urge everyone who loves to trout fish anytime of year to give this jewel a try. I've been up 4 times in the last year and can't wait for my next visit. Easy drive from Alabama.

     Marlowe Jett
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
I like the web site, very informative. The wife and I camp and flyfish on the NC side of the park every year, looking forward to trying some new spots.

     Bruce Rogers, M.D.
Saturday, June 27, 2009
Wonderful to find a guide to some the best fly fishing waters of North Carolina.

     John Johnson
Friday, June 26, 2009
Nice site.

Saturday, June 20, 2009
Great site! Have a cabin on the Cullasaja River in Franklin and have fished Macon County for years. This site has the information needed to expand our fishing area. THANKS!!!!!

John Heinrichs
Monday, June 8, 2009
My wife and I hope to spend a few days on your WNC Fly Fishing Trail this October on our way from WI to Florida.  The GPS locations are a great idea;  I have a laptop in my Sprinter van and depend on it's travel software for directions.  As a longtime TU member,  I plan only to catch and release a few trout and to enjoy sightseeing in your gorgeous mountains. 

     Matt Beam
Sunday, April 19, 2009
I live in Cherokee, NC. Have fished all of the streams on the trail. I spends atleast one day of every weekend on the delayed harvest section of the tuck. Have been several times and caught 200 in a single day. Great site! Every WNC county should make a trail.

     James Ormond
Tuesday, April 7, 2009
   I love trout fishing in the N.C. mountians but I am not sure where I can and can not fish
Thanks for making it less stressful for all of us.

     Curtis Carter
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Saw your writeup in the Highlands newspaper. Congratulations. I'm a member of the Saluda River Chapter of TU and the Augusta, Georgia, CSRA Flyfishers and fish western NC quite often. This site is a wonderful addition and I think the map is a must have for any serious fly fishing addict such as myself. Good job.

     W Taylor
Thursday, March 26, 2009
The info is great and the access points are very helpful. 

     Chris Catha
Friday, March 20, 2009
It is always great to find quality information on good spots to fish in the NC mountains.  I began flyfishing 4 years ago and enjoy traveling to the mountains 2-3 times per year.

     Dennis Lee
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Great looking site!

     Hans Ahlstedt
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Very nice site, I love NC. I'm sad to see my home state of TN lagging in this regard. You are light years ahead.
     John Switow
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Very nice site and a great idea.  Somebody needs to do this over around Graham County!  Very nice and helpful !

     Gilles Cloutier
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Great initiative; This will be a very sucessful endeavour.  I visited several of the sites over the past two years.  They are easy access and they have lots of fish.  Last visit was last fall with my son from Timor Leste.  We caught more fish than we could handle!
Congratulations to all responsible for this trail

     Ernest Eaton
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
What a great idea and excellent website.  I thoroughly enjoyed the content and will use it to plan my next fly fishing excursion to the area.

E Eaton
Windermere, FL

     dennis monk
Monday, March 2, 2009
The Fly Fishing Trail map is an excellent idea.  I spend all of May near Franklin, NC and love to fish the Tuck.  This map gives me ideas for when the Tuck is too crowded.

     Wild Trout
Monday, March 2, 2009
Very good idea and great layout. Jackson County and the developers of this site should be commended. As North Carolina becomes more and more developed, those areas like Jackson County that capitalize on their natural assets without destroying those same assets in the process, will be the true economic winners. I live in Wilmington and we are presently being asked by our elected officials and business leaders to risk destroying our unique setting and marine environment for the Carolinas Cement Plant in Castle Hayne, which will become one of the largest mercury emission points in our area - not to mention the hydrochloric acid, nitrous oxide, sulfer dioxide, particulate matter, lead, benzene, and carbon dioxide pollution which will be discharged from the banks of the Northeast Cape Fear River for the next thirty years. Could we send some clueless County Commissioners your way?

     Brook Bennett
Sunday, March 1, 2009
I am very excited to know that the state I grew up in is way ahead of all the others when it comes to fly fishing. I live in Seattle these days and it is hard to come by something that is as exciting as a trail just for catching trout. Good on the Tar Heel state. I cannot wait to get back and hit some of the trail. Good fishing to all.

     Michael E. Beech
Friday, February 27, 2009
I have enjoyed these waters ever since I moved to Waynesville from New Hampshire. They give me a strong reminder of my "home waters" up north.

     Glenn Shepherd
Friday, February 27, 2009
Our group, "Tuckaseegee Stream Team" thoroughly enjoys fishing the Tuck each year.  This is our 13th year on this fishing trip and we usually average @ 350 trout each weekend that we go.  This website is a great find and we will be posting pictures after this years trip in April.

Friday, February 27, 2009
Can't wait to hit the trail. Great idea.

     Matt L.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Great website!  I have fished several of the places on the trail.  Jackson County is a great fishing hot spot.  I look forward to one day fishing every spot on the trail.
Saturday, February 14, 2009
We just moved to the Greenville area of SC, and I am trying to find out about the trout fishing in the upstate area.  This is a great source!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Nice site i am looking forward to spending some time in your area this spring, i plan to use your site for Guidance.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
I fly fish in Jackson County quite a bit.  This is a very good guide to some of the best water with public access.

     Bob H
Friday, February 6, 2009
Great site. Love the idea of one place to get state info.  Check out NW Florida:

Monday, January 19, 2009
This site rocks! My friends and I like to get out find new places to fish, this is a great resource! Thanks.

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